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tv   Government Shutdown - Day 12  CSPAN  January 2, 2019 7:37pm-8:01pm EST

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shut the government down here: they are now feeling the heat. it is not helping the president. it is not helping the republicans to be the owners of this shutdown. today, begin give them an opportunity to get out of that, and open up the government as we debate border security, and to say to them, because he says he won't sign it, and use the government as hostage, that we should just give in -- the american people don't want that. it is bad for our country, and it is not the way to govern. [reporters shouting questions] >> we are asking the president to open up government. we are giving him a republican pass to do that. why would you not do it? why would he not do it? [reporters shouting questions] rep seek we'd love if you stayed
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reporter: we would love if you stayed longer. we miss you. >> congressional democrats, and before that, the house republican leader, kevin mccarthy, leading with reporters on the 12th day of the government shutdown. following what was a rather strong session in which the cameras in theed room as he met with members of the cabinet. the event is available on our the at the top of the hour, our c-span documentary on the senate airs at 8:00. we hope you will tune in for that. until then, we hope to get your phone calls and reaction to this wealth day of the government shutdown. if you are a republican, the number to call is on your screen. for federal workers, 202-
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748-8922. those are the numbers on the screen. we welcome our audience on the c-span radio and you can follow us on twitter at the span. you could also give us your comments online at presidentnts ago, the must today -- both parties work together to pass if funding bill that protects this nation and its people. this is the first and most important duty of the government. he went on to say, i remain ready and willing to work with democrats to pass a bill that secures our borders, and keeps america safe. let us get it done. will gornment shutdown into tomorrow come a day 13, the first day of the new congress and we will have live coverage. here on the c-span networks. . the president also talked about
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his now former defense secretary james mattis, who said he was essentially fired when he resignation. general mattis saying that he would stay until the end of february, he officially left the position on monday. here is the president. >> in afghanistan, you have one india.g -- any mention what gold you want india to have? >> they should be involved in afghanistan. i'll give you an example, i give our generals all the money they wanted and they did not do such a great job in afghanistan. they have been fighting in afghanistan for 18 years. evenal mattis thanked me more the following year when i got him $716 billion, he could not believe it. because our military was did read it. now we are rebuilding our he was responsible
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for the new orders of the f-35 fighter jet and the f-18s, the ships, the muscles and everything. he was so thrilled. but what has he done for me? how has he done in afghanistan? not too good. ism not happy with what he done in afghanistan and they should not be happy. but he was very happy and thankful when i got him $700 billion, and then the following year, $760 billion. so i wish him well. but as you know, president obama fired him, and essentially, so did i. results. brian: that was a president from the cabinet room of the white house. he spent christmas and new year's holidays here in washington along with the vice president. tomorrow is day one of the new congress with the democrats regaining the gavel with speaker pelosi taking over from paul ryan. here's a look at our live networks.n the c-span
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the house will gavel in at noon eastern to elect speaker pelosi and where in the new and returning members of the 116th of congress. there will also be the consideration of spending bills shutdown. government on c-span2, vice president mike pence will administer the oaths of office to new senators when the senate meets at noon. know thessley will longest-serving senator. c-span3, there will be do ceremonial swearing in the old senate chamber. we hope you tune in for all of our coverage. follow us online at now to your form calls. jack from circleville ohio -- not to your phone calls. jack.vening, >> good evening. one small comment. i have locks on my doors, locks on my windows, and the only
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reason for that is to keep people out who will do me harm. ander think our governments our southern border is any different. the president wants to keep people out who will not contribute to this country. the people coming in and bringing in drugs and other things, there has to be some kind of security. i wish someone would ask senator schumer and speaker pelosi when they go to bed at night, do they leave their doors and windows unlocked or locked. brian: and we go to antonio on the democrats line from georgia. who is to blame for this shutdown? i spent seven afghanistan. we had a wall and we had dates. we already have drones in the air, cameras and stuff, because
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i feel like it is less manpower [indiscernible] build a wall, they will build a tunnel and come over and do the same things, sell drugs, everything. brian: thank you for the call. ofeminder, the premier c-span's original documentary, "the senate: conflict and compromise." it is two years in the making and it premieres at 8 p.m. eastern. will talk to our executive producer of the project, mike vargas. it starts in about 15 minutes. richard from. california on the republican line, good evening. caller: thanks. i have been a republican for over 50 years. and i also grew up with migrant
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workers picking our crops, our apple crops when the new york state still had a number of apple producing farms. in any case, this is not a new problem. we have been not working on this problem for a long, long time. we need migrant workers or we need to pay a heck of a lot more and raising the cost of picking crops and other such things. the problem is we have done nothing about it my we just sit there with laws that are 50 or 60 years old, and we don't improve our immigration laws. the wall is one tiny piece of this whole thing. it is a much bigger problem than that. there is modern technology that can do a whole lot more than just building a wall. we have to get our congress and our president, who is kind of the village idiot, off listing of not doing anything about it,
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and really take care of several daca.s, including bac employers need workers, and we need to solve this thing. i am tired of hearing about it for most of my life. brian: did you have a chance to read mitt romney's editorial on the washington post this morning. caller: no, i just saw general reviews of it. brian: in every a reaction to what he said as an incoming freshman senator to -- of utah? caller bama i think he was right. while we are spending time on silly issues that have been around for a long time and need to be resolved, other things are going on in the world and this president is not doing it. brian: thank you for your call. the president also commented on mitt romney in his editorial this morning, saying that he wished mitt romney would be more of a team player. you can read the piece online on
7:47 pm the president said -- i remain ready and willing to work with democrats on the bill the secures our borders, supports the agents and officers on the ground and keeps america safe. let's get it done! from the republican line on ohio, rhonda, good evening. >> good evening. i believe the president should not be using people to get his way like a little child. and does it matter whether he bills that order or not, people will get through. . and like the gentleman said before, modern technology is somer and can help avoid of these types of problems. setting a government -- shutting the government down, tempering with the government of defense which he doesn't have experience in, and not listening to the people who are experienced to do their job -- i don't think he should be president.
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you cannot shut down something every time you can't have your way. brian: rhonda, thanks for the call. this is a third government shutdown, there were 2 others last year. the senate and congress convene tomorrow. the senate is in for a brief session earlier in the day, gaveling out the end of the 150th congress. republican leader mitch mcconnell had these remarks. >> a happy new year, it is a time for new beginnings. tomorrow we will kick off the 160th congress. of course, there is urgent business at the new house and then the senate that will need to be tackled immediately. would like to get serious about border security so that the government funding agreement can be reached and passed the house. it earned 60 votes in the senate and get a presidential signature. all three of those things are
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needed to make a law. one partisan vote in the house is not going to solve anything. i made it clear to the speaker that we are not interested in having show votes here in the senate. . we are interested in bringing up ,omething the house has asked 60 senators will support and the president will sign. in other words, make a law. legislation that house are reportedly planning to introduce and be voted on tomorrow will not be a serious contribution to the negotiations going on between of the administration and the incoming democratic majority in the house. , its not comprehensive ignores the needs of border security. it is exactly the kind of if thel you would expect incoming house democrats were choosing to stage a political sideshow. rather than doing the hard work of helping the
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-- helping to govern the country. in other words, a total nonstarter. so when these democrats come to washington ready to roll up their sleeves, work together and make laws, or they will waste time on partisan show votes that will do nothing to move the country in a forward direction, that is a question. political performance. , art, or responsible governance. we will get an early signal in the next few days, but let me make it perfectly clear one more time, as i have said consistently for the last 2 waste the senate will not its time considering a democratic bill which cannot pass up a chamber and the president will not sign -- cannot pass of this chamber and which the president will not sign.
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in a few moments, i will be requesting unanimous consent to confirm a series of several well-qualified individuals to serve in important executive branch posts. confirmed.m will be i am glad the president will have more of his rightful team that theand i am glad nominees will be able to get to work on important business for the american people. brian: earlier today on the senate floor, senator mitch mcconnell. a live look at the u.s. capitol on this january 2. the new congress convenes tomorrow morning. the election of the speaker, voting on a series of rules packages and funding for the government will be happening at the house. as you heard, the senator called it a nonstarter. we will also have live coverage on c-span2 of the live server and gain the senators to this and it. best smithsonian and asked today that essentially all museums and
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the national zoo are shut down because of a partial government shutdown. he also made reference to mitt romney's these in the washington post, here's the headline -- the president shapes the character of the nation, the president's character falls short. never go to our caller in pennsylvania, good evening. caller: good evening. i am calling in about the wall situation. i would like to just take a deep breath and take a look at inch history. at ancient legitimate who called the president a village idiot, and use the word "silly issues comic out they had to these issues 3000, 4000 years ago. chinese civilization built the great wall. as far as i know, it is still job
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the coliseum built by the romans, they had a different situation where the kind of let everybody in, they got all fat and lazy, and today, the colosseum is in ruins. what would you, say, what did we really learn to this point? you have people on both sides who are very divided. you have to look at the past to see where you are going in the future and we really have not changed that much as human beings. brian: thanks for the call. , federaltexas employee, joe? >> i am. brian: are you considered essential or nonessential? >> nonessential. brian: so you are getting paid? >> yes, i am getting paid. brian: ok, so tell us what you think of the shutdown-. caller: i think the civil discourse is wrong. i think the name calling on both sides, i don't have a particular party -- the name-calling has to
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stop. when we sit and elect officials to go to washington to compromise and work together, not to fight and becker and name call. you do that on comedy shows, this is our government. we have to lay. raise the level of discourse and work together. brian: joe, thanks for the call. we know go to the dean from lowell, massachusetts. caller: what up, steve. old. people are too trump's 70, pelosi is 70, mcconnell is 70. schumer is 70. they are too, old, right. brian: i understand your point. -- i am ad republican, we need a republican primary.
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the president needs a republican primary opponent. iowa, north carolina, new hampshire, don't be messing with the charity laws. let him run. has.tter how much money he this is america and nobody is safe from an opponent. the president is calling generals a dog, and he is talking about general mattis today, that is not residential. it is not american -- that is not presidential. , it is not american. and democrats -- the president needs a primary opponent from the inner cities, from the hip-hop generation. steve: and who is that person, who would that candidate the? >> i don't know, tim scott, south carolina. somebody from the inner cities, who knows black colleges, who knows hip hop, who knows the black churches, you know, somebody.
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primaryeed a republican for 2020 in new hampshire, and in iowa, and in south carolina. you have trash and stuff around the smith tony and. they have got to be kidding me. this is america, this is d.c., and they need to start treating us with respect. steve: you mentioned politics, just a quick reminder that senator elizabeth warren is scheduled to be in iowa this weekend and will be covering her visit. we learned that fully and castro -- julian castro who served in the obama administration, will officially announced whether he will run or not on january 12. he announced an exploratory committee a few minutes ago. we hope you follow all of this on our website at c-span will give you a front row seat.
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on the democrats line, good evening. hello, you are on the air. we will go on to a in allen park, michigan. go ahead, jim. caller: good. i will just leave a few comments. nancy pelosi went on vacation during the government shutdown. what would happen if trump went on vacation? it is so bizarre. why don't they hold these people to the same standard of hold the president to? i don't get it. trumbo was elected to put a wall up. that is why people elected him. the democrats come out i don't care about what he was elected. they don't care about what the people think. five alien dollars is a drop in -- $5 billion is a job in the bucket compared to the yearly budget. steve: within the last hour, an
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important meeting today on border security. both parties must work together to pass a funding bill that protects the nation and protects the people, this is the most important duty of government. from mississippi on the republican mine, david, good evening. caller: good evening. thing.think it is a sad we need to protect the american people. i lost three brothers in world born and raised here, and i don't mind immigration. let them in, make sure everything is cool, their record is clean, that is fine. that is america. steve: thank you to all of you for your calls. a reminder, we are back alive tomorrow morning with c-span's washington journal.
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among our guests, a journalist who covers capitol hill for the washington post, and david hawkins, the editor in chief of "the firewall." at noon eastern time when the house gavels in, the election of the new speaker, nancy pelosi. the first time since 1955 that a former speaker becomes speaker again. our new senate documentary is coming up next. thank you for joining us this evening on the c-span networks. ♪ >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today, we continue to bring your unfiltered coverage from congress, the white house, the public policy and events in washington dc and around the country.
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get your thoughts on the government shutdown. then, a pretty of the 116th congress -- a preview of the one of the 16th congress. the 116th congress for -- congress. jefferson questioned. [indiscernible] >> the framers believed -- constitutionow the for >> -- let's follow the constitution. >> committee order.


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